Intro to Teaching Arts

September 27, 2023

As a child I was often referred to as the “little helper”. Ever curious, I could usually be found lingering near the kitchen, watching my grandmother cook, asking her a million questions, or tailing behind my uncle as he tackled handiwork around the house, begging him to let me hammer the next nail. I loved to help, but most important to me was that I loved to learn. My favorite question was “But why?” Little did I know that my eager curiosity would lead me towards my most rewarding experiences in the future.

I got my taste for the arts at an early age at a local parish in my neighborhood. On Sundays, I sang with the choir, learning how to sing, how to blend, how to harmonize, project my sound and enunciate. Soon later I would join the parish’s community theater where I would be exposed to staged musicals, their complexities, and how to perform in them. In this, I found a joy that was unlike any other. I loved to sing, dance and play. I also loved to do these all at once. After a few years, I was asked to continue the mantle of this  arts for youth program through the offering of the artistic director position.

Happy to help this community that was so impactful to me, I eagerly accepted and didn’t even consider that I had zero experience running or operating a theater. It was their belief in my capacity that was enough. I spent the next five years as a youth theater mentor, instructor, director, confidante, and beyond. I learned as I went, and although many said that this came naturally to me, I often felt a pang of guilt that I was not good enough. I held on to the notion that regardless, the doings must be done. So nevertheless, I persisted. It was an incredible five year experience that would lay the foundation to my affinity for and continued embarkment of the teaching arts.


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